Spec. Description
Parts No TT67414A-M
Series 7H3
(-3)B.W 55(MHz)
IL 2.5(dB)
Fo-(80)MHz 26(dBc)
Fo+(80)MHz 13(dBc)
Impendance 50(ohm)

Product Description: 
A. Temwell 7H Series (TD, TT, TF,TV)
B. Impedence: 50Ω ( Accept Customized into 75Ω)
C. Accept Pretune Service according "Frequency Match Range"
D. Size Diagram:12.5mm x 7.6 mm (H x L)
E. Accept Pin Position Change


Temwell Product Features:
A. Website Shop Store
Temwell has Standard Helical Filter Now Available in stock.
There are over 400 Models (200K PCS) available in stock,
deliver in 72 hours, Accept 2 to 1K up pcs for customers
selecting. Pay Attention: Each Temwell Parts all has finished
Perf. & Spec. with S2P Data to your for reference.

B. Customized Spec. Service
Temwell website has 3,000 Helical Filter sample performances
for reference. Customers could customize according any of
them to build an suitable and exclusive RF Helical Filter with
the individual Filter specification. Pay Attention: Each Temwell
Parts all has finished Perf. & Spec. with S2P Data to your for reference.

C. Swift new Spec. Developing
Temwell has a strong R&D group which provides the quick and
swift new development support and new design service with
moderate Initial Fee: Only charge @ USD120 ~ 200. You could
easily have your own customized RF Filter / Power Filter /
Diplexer / Antenna Splitter for your system design and we accept
10pcs up to thousands per month.

D. Special Material
Temwell RF BandPass Helical Filter is adopted all Sliver Coating
with good Skin Effect. Based on " Per dB per cent " in RF area,
Temwell's sliver coating case provides best Insertion Loss to
save more money in your design.

F. Excellent Performance
Helical Filter Pin Type has better Cavity.Good cavity condition
equal to better performance, so SMD Type is not suitable for
RF Helical Filter by hammer banding vibration.

G. BW Widening Technology
Temwell Technology has adequate know-how and experience
in designing and manufacturing RF Helical BandPass Filter.
Thus, we accept customers require any Filter BW spec. from
20MHz ( at VHF ) to 120MHz ( at UHF ), and we control the
I.L ≦ 1 dB Loss. We have over 20 years experience.
You can trust our skill and ability.

H. Flexible Characteristic:
Easy match into circuit( R.L.: >16 ~ 20dB ), Easy adjust frequency
( Tunable Centre Frequency ), Flexible specification change
( Customized B.W., Sensitivity and Attenuation ), and Strong
Screw Torque ( Bear > 60 ~ 100 ).

I. Accuracy and Quality Guarantee :
Temwell Corporation is the expert in using λ/4 technology to build
RF Helical Filter. All of Temwell RF Helical BandPass Filter pass
the inspection of N.A. (Network Analysis),and our production
process are verified by ISO9001:2000. Temwell Accuracy and
Quality are reliable.